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The Ultimate Solution

Valéron® High-Performance Plastic Films

We manufacture high-performance plastic films that offer unparalleled performance in demanding packaging, construction, print media and other strength and specialty film applications in industries worldwide. In fact, you have probably already used a tag, label, or package made with award winning Valéron® Strength Film, as it can be found in electrical cord labels, pilfer-resistant flexible packaging, pool chemical packaging, construction waterproofing membranes including roof underlayment, flashing tape and housewrap.

Valéron® Strength Film is a cross-laminated polyolefin that features:

  • Outstanding strength and tear resistance in all directions to withstand rough handling
  • Puncture and burst resistant
  • High resistance to weather and performance in temperatures from -70°F to 200°F
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Printable via flexo, offset, screen, ion deposition, and thermal transfer
  • Can be die cut and perforated on press, folded, embossed, punched, stapled or stitched
  • FDA compliant grades available
  • Environmentally friendly because it performs better than thicker films and sheets
  • Use a thinner gauge without losing any of its properties

Some of the applications you will find Valéron® high-performance plastic film in:

Standard Gauges and Sizes:

3.0 Uncoated
4.0 Uncoated
6.5 Uncoated
7.5 2 side clay coated
8.6 Uncoated
9.5 2 side clay coated