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The Ultimate Solution

Strength Tape Made with Valéron® Strength Film

Valéron® film puts the strength in strength tape. Valéron® films can be used as a strength carrier in reinforcement tapes, banner hem PowerTape®, mirror backing tape, Kite tape/reinforcement tape, sail repair tape, ice rink repair tape, book binding, safety tapes & stair-treds, skateboard tape, flashing tapes, HVAC tapes (www.idealtape.com) and MORE.

Valéron® film is strong enough not to tear, even when punctured or nicked, withstands cold temperature extremes, has high wear resistance, dimensional stability, and is easy to cut & trim.

The Valéron® Film Advantage:

  • Outstanding strength and tear resistance (even when nicked) in both the machine and cross direction to withstand rough handling and wear
  • High resistance to weather and performance in temperatures from -70°F to 200°F
  • Equally strong wet or dry
  • Outdoor durable - UV stabilized for improved weather resistance and performance in harsh environments
  • Great printability
  • Smooth print surface
  • Can be die cut and perforated on press, folded, embossed, punched, stapled or stitched
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Recyclable as SPI # 2 (HDPE)*

* Where infrastructure exists for film recycling