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The Ultimate Solution

Steel Tags and Rebar Tags

Valéron® is the ideal choice for steel tags and rebar tags. Valéron® holds up well to the rigors of loading, unloading and handling steel and rebar.

Valéron® combines a smooth surface for variable information printing with durability that resists cold, water, snow and chemicals. Whenever your printed message needs to remain in place during transport, rely on Valéron® to keep it in place.

Valéron® Properties:

  • Outdoor durable - UV stabilized for improved weather resistance and performance in harsh environments.
  • Performance in temperatures from -70°F to 200°F
  • Good ink adhesion – non-smearing
  • Chemical & oil resistant
  • Pre-printed or print-on-demand
  • Available in fanfold
  • Excellent staple and wire pullout resistance
  • Corona treated for optimal results when flexo, offset, or screen printed, can also be thermal transfer printed (ANSI A Scans)

If you have another print method – just ask!