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The Ultimate Solution

Printable Plastic Film For Signs and Banners

Valéron® Strength Films makes sure the message gets read with a line of high-strength sign material and banner material found in applications like rotational signage, backlit displays, outdoor banners, bus shelters, pop-up banners, Suspension Banners (over roads, walkways, entrances), restaurant menus, shelf labeling, price marking and in-store signage in the retail environment and MORE.

Customer Testimonial: Valéron® banner stock and Banner Ups ® were used by AccuColor, a Utah based Print-for-Pay (PFP) company, as a banner to announce a new large greenhouse complex that specializes in hanging plants. “This led to our discovery of amazing Valéron® ! In today’s world it is rare that product performance actually lives up to advertising promises. That is why AccuColor is anxious to affirm that Valéron® not only ‘walks on water’ – but doesn’t even stir up the fish,” said Lee Barrett, Treasurer and Director. “These banners have survived micro-burst winds over 50MPH. They have been through rain, sleet, and snow. Still, they appear as they were just printed. Valéron® completely performs as it claims! How refreshing.”

The Valéron® Film Advantage:

  • Outstanding strength and tear resistance (even when nicked) in both the machine and cross direction to withstand rough handling, tears and rope pull-out
  • No grommets or sewing needed (less finishing time & faster banner production)
  • High resistance to weather and performance in temperatures from -70°F to 200°F
  • Outdoor durable - UV stabilized for improved weather resistance and performance in harsh environments
  • Great printability via inkjet solvent and aqueous, HP Indigo, screen, flexo, offset, ion deposition, and thermal transfer. Have another print method – just ask!
  • Smooth white print surface for high impact graphics
  • Can be die cut and perforated on press, folded, embossed, punched, stapled or stitched
  • Ideal front or backlit
  • Lightweight means less material to buy, store, handle and ship
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Plasticizer-free; no issues with color-shifting or limited shelf life
  • Recyclable as SPI # 2 (HDPE)*

* Where infrastructure exists for film recycling