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The Ultimate Solution

WristBRANDS™ Made with Valéron® Strength Film

Full color customizable wristbands made with Valéron® film offers unbeatable graphics! This isn't your typical wristband.

Unlike anything else on the market today, Valéron® WristBRANDS™ are available in full-color, and made possible with digital printing. Because they are digitally printed, security features such as micro text, UV inks (seen only in black light), security over-laminations and bar codes can easily be added. Highly innovative, tamper-resistant, waterproof and customizable, Valéron® WristBRANDS™ are made with Valéron® Strength Film for extra durability and strength.

Valéron® WristBRANDS™ Advantage:

  • High resolution digital images
  • Smooth surface with high gloss finish
  • High quality barcode scans for easy identification
  • Waterproof, tear and stretch resistant
  • Affordable, direct ordering from manufacturer
  • Fast delivery
  • Non-transferable & tamer-evident
  • Special links available for added security

Ready to place an order?  Go to http://www.rfidprint.com.au then click on "Client Register" or view additional information at http://www.rfidprint.com.au/products.php?id=84&sub=1