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The Ultimate Solution

Valéron® Film for Shipping Sacks

Using Valéron® cross-laminated high density polyethylene film for shipping sacks offers the ability to do more with less without losing the benefits of heavier shipping sacks.

Valéron® film offers:

  • Puncture and burst resistant
  • The ability to be used in any climate because of Valéron® Strength Films ability to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -70°F to +200°F.
  • Child resistant
  • Barrier against chemicals
  • Barrier against water and moisture

Performs at extreme temperatures: Shipping Sacks made with Valéron® can be used world-wide in any climate, without the risk of losing its unique physical properties.

High outdoor durability: Shipping Sacks made with Valéron® are a barrier against water and to a wide range of chemicals. The closed structure of Valéron® creates the ideal material to ensure your products are securely packed.

Light-Sensitive materials: Shipping Sacks made with Valéron® Strength Films High-Opacity, light-tight grades are incorporated into Shipping Sacks designed for the packaging of light-sensitive materials.

Less material, stronger pack: Valéron® products can replace films with more than double the thickness. This provides a unique savings on raw materials. An environment friendly advantage.

Valéron® shipping sacks save money by doing more with less.