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The Ultimate Solution

Pilfer-Resistant Packaging

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Valéron® is your answer to sustainable pilfer-resistant packaging.

For retail and industrial packaging solutions, you need the strength of Valéron® film; a cross-laminated high-density flexible film that offers unbeatable tear, burst and puncture resistance.

Valéron® is being used today inside trap blister format packaging for retail and pharmaceutical packaging. Valéron® is placed between the board and blister giving the package the strength that is required to make it a pilfer-resistant package. Using Valéron® reinforced trap blister format packaging eliminates 50-70% of the plastic compared with a clamshell package.

Benefits to using Valéron® in a trap blister packaging:

  • Cost savings compared to traditional clamshells
  • Safer for consumer to open
  • More graphic space to promote your brand
  • Pilfer-resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Sustainable
  • Customizable configurations
  • Benefits for the environment include:
    • Less plastic waste
    • Reduced package weight

Find additional information on pilfer-resistant packaging at www.blisterguard.net and www.rohrer.com/blisterguard.html.