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The Ultimate Solution

Medical Device Packaging

Valéron® Strength Films are an integral part of our line of “Valéron® MD” medical device packaging products. We specialize in the development of high strength and high barrier flexible materials for use in pre-made pouches, die cut lids, and roll stock for lidding applications or for use on automated form/fill/seal equipment.

The inherent strength characteristics of Valéron® film is the perfect attribute for packaging medical devices which have sharp points, edges, and protrusions.

Valéron® MD materials have the strength to meet the requirements of these difficult to contain devices by preventing tears or punctures, which could compromise the package if produced with lesser materials. We also have the ability to couple extremely high barrier to moisture and oxygen with Valéron® film, in both opaque and transparent structures, to produce a winning combination for your most demanding applications.

Benefits to using Valéron® in medical device packaging:

  • Puncture and burst resistant
  • Child resistant capabilities
  • Barrier against chemicals
  • Barrier against water and moisture

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