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The Ultimate Solution

Valéron® Offers a Range of High Performance Packaging Solutions


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Valéron® film shields you from the hazards of pesticides and harsh chemicals with child-resistant flexible packaging films. We also help protect retail products from theft with pilfer-resistant packaging films. Make your product stronger with Valéron® Strength Film.

When conditions demand high-performance packaging, Valéron® Strength Film is your solution. Fungicides, pesticides, toilet bowl drop-ins and pool chemicals can be packaged in confidence, with proven child-resistance, when you use Valéron® film. High-performance packages made with Valéron® provide high burst strength, unbeatable tear-resistance, superior moisture and chemical resistance, as well as outstanding printability.

Some of the packaging applications you will find Valéron® in:

In need of a high performance packaging solution? Call Valéron® and let us help resolve your packaging problem.