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The Ultimate Solution

Custom Films & Laminations

At Valéron®, we understand that some applications require unique film solutions. Because of this we are able to customize our products to meet most applications.

Valéron® offers:

  • The ability to tailor film properties for specialty or unique applications
  • Coating capabilities
  • Laminated and coated heat seal layer
  • Co-extruded specialty films

If your application calls for a special lamination Valéron® can help you with that through our partnership with Richmond Technology. Richmond Technology is located within Valéron® Strength Films which allows the two companies to work together to develop new films and laminations.

Richmond Technology offers:

  • Clear & opaque barrier laminations
  • High strength laminations
  • Printed films & laminations
  • Slitting

For more information on Richmond Technology, please go to www.richmond-technology.com

Let us help you with your customized application.