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The Ultimate Solution

Through Wall Flashing

Through Wall Flashing is designed to provide moisture and water build-up protection in cavity wall construction. Its self-adhesive nature allows easy installation on concrete, masonry, gypsum, steel and wood substrates. The inherent durability of Valéron® resists mechanical damage and ensures the integrity of the rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane during subsequent wall construction. Valéron® provides a waterproof barrier at flashing areas to prevent wall assembly leaks.

Valéron® is fully adhered to the substrate to prevent moisture migration behind the flashing. Detailing is easy to install, inspect and repair to insure the best possible performance.

Valéron® properties:

  • Cross-laminated process provides unbeaten mechanical characteristics.
  • Puncture resistant
    • Less accidental damage
  • Thermal dimensional stability
    • No fish-mouthing
    • Controlled shrinkage
  • Cold temperature resistant down to -70°F

Remember to ask for through wall flashing made with Valéron® film.