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The Ultimate Solution

Roof Underlayment

Roof underlayment made with Valéron® film handles the toughest duty in building waterproofing systems; areas such as roof edges, valleys, eaves and skylights. Valéron® film is puncture-resistant and adds strength to construction materials. Its superior low temperature performance allows installation even in winter temperatures.

Valéron® properties:

  • Cross-laminated process provides unbeaten mechanical characteristics.
  • Puncture resistant
    • Less accidental damage
  • Thermal dimensional stability
    • No fish-mouthing
    • Controlled shrinkage
  • Cold temperature resistant down to -70°F
  • High strength film allows the roof underlayment to bridge gaps in sheathing and is resistant to damage from incidental movement and settling of the roof.

Remember to ask for a roof underlayment made with Valéron® film.