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The Ultimate Solution

Radiant Barrier

Valéron® can be used in the most challenging of applications. As energy costs continue to rise Valéron® has engineered a highly reflective radiant barrier for residential and commercial use.

Made from high strength metalized Valéron® , this family of products provides the low emissivity, strength and performance necessary to optimize energy management. It also passes the E84 burn test for both flame and smoke and is available with emittance values that meet ASTM C-1313 for use as radiant barriers in attics.

Valéron® properties:

  • Cross-laminated process provides unbeaten mechanical characteristics.
  • Puncture resistant
    • High strength results in less accidental damage
    • Staple pull resistance resists tearing at fastners

Remember to ask for a radiant barrier made with Valéron® film.