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The Ultimate Solution

Commercial Air Barrier

Commercial air barriers produce a virtually impermeable air, vapor and water barrier on concrete, masonry, gypsum board and wood walls. Valéron® reinforced membranes provide a cost-effective system providing a continuous seal against air, vapor and moisture around the entire building.

Commercial air barrier made with Valéron® is puncture resistant, has low shrinkage, high tensile strength and cold temperature resistance to -70°F. Other commercial air barriers do not provide the same level of performance as those made with Valéron®.

Valéron® properties:

  • Cross-laminated process provides unbeaten mechanical characteristics.
  • Puncture resistant
  • Valéron®'s strength helps avoid damage during installation
  • Cold temperature resistant down to -70°F

Remember to ask for a commercial air barrier made with Valéron®.