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What is Valéron® Strength Film

Valéron® is a cross laminated polyethylene film. A Valéron® cross laminated film is made with two oriented polyethylene films laminated with their orientation directions crossed at roughly 90 degrees (45 degrees from the machine direction).

How is it Made?

Valéron® film is made using a proprietary multistep process. High density polyethylene resin (HDPE) is extruded via the blown film process to form a tube (phase I image). The tube is cooled and collapsed into a flat tube. After the tube is flattened, it is fed into a multi stage orienter. During orientation, the film is stretched in the machine direction aligning the polyethylene molecules. The resulting film is very strong in the machine direction. The oriented tube is then annealed and wound up. The annealing step removes stress in the film and controls shrinkage. The annealed film retains its high MD strength.

The next step of the process is spiral cutting (phase II image). In this step, the flattened, oriented tube in unrolled, rotated and re-inflated (to form a round tube). As the film is fed forward (and rotated) it is cut on a bias (around 45 degrees) and wound up. The spiral cut film’s orientation is at 45 degrees to the machine direction.

The final step in producing a Valéron® film is extrusion lamination (phase III image). In this process, two spiral cut films are laminated with their orientation directions crossed at 90 degrees. The films are laminated with polyethylene. The resulting film has outstanding tear resistance, toughness and dimensional stability.

Where is Valéron® Used and Why?

Valéron® is used in construction films for:

  • Tensile strength
  • Cold weather performance
  • Dimensional stability
  • UV and thermal stability

Valéron® is used in packaging films for:

  • Tear Resistance, especially initiated tear resistance
  • Toughness
  • Burst resistance

Valéron® is used in print applications for

  • Tear resistance including wire and staple pull resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Print receptivity
  • Weather resistance (stabilized grades)

There are many potential applications for Valeron® film. Contact us to discuss your application.

Valéron® Manufacturing Process

Step 1
Phase I
Extrusion and Orientation

Step 2
Phase II Bias Cutting

Step 3 Phase III Cross Lamination