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The Ultimate Solution


Valéron® Strength Films’ proprietary cross-lamination process has been continually reengineered for peak performance since its inception.

  • 2009: Metallized Valéron® is launched to support construction applications.
  • 2007: Pilfer resistant blister packaging with Valéron® reinforcement is adopted by major consumer products manufacturers and retailers.
  • 2005: Valéron® Strength Films launches it first direct-to-consumer brand in Valéron® Vortec™. Vortec™ also uses EVD Technology to create a non-directional drainage channel in a water resistive barrier.
  • 2004: Valéron® Strength Films and Berry Plastics launch WeatherTrek with Valéron® EVD Technology, a new drainage product based on patented engineered surface of Valéron® film.
  • 2003: Valéron® Strength Films certified with ISO9001:2000 quality system and marks its 10th anniversary as an ISO certified organization.
  • 2002: Valéron® continued its growth with the integration of Richmond Technology, another ITW business unit serving the Electronics Component and Cleanroom Packaging industries.
  • 2000: Valéron® Strength Films (formerly Van Leer Flexibles, L.P.) is acquired by Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW), a multinational Fortune 200 company based in Glenview, Illinois. The company operates more than 800 decentralized units worldwide manufacturing a broad range of components, assemblies and systems for several industries including automotive, construction, labeling and packaging.
  • 1997: Valéron® expanded its manufacturing facility for the fourth time, effectively quadrupling in size to the present 164,000 square feet.
  • 1993: Dedicated to quality, Valéron® Strength Films' Houston plant received ISO 9002 certification. Our sister plant in Essen, Belgium is also ISO 9002 certified.
  • 1974: Valéron® expanded its manufacturing facility for the first time.
  • 1969: After thousands of hours of engineering and development by Van Leer’s Research Lab in Passfield, UK, and the construction of a plant in Essen, Belgium, commercial production of Valéron® film began in the United States in Houston, Texas in November. The first commercial production was a joint development of an all-plastic shipping sack with St. Regis Paper Company.
  • 1963: Oscar van Leer, Chairman of Van Leer Worldwide, saw the value of an extremely high-strength, flexible plastic material, and purchased cross-lamination technology from Phillips Petroleum.
  • Early 1960's: The concept of cross-lamination was invented by Danish inventor Olé Bendt Rasmussen working in conjunction with Phillips Petroleum.