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The Ultimate Solution

High Performance, High Strength Films

Since 1965, Valéron® Strength Films has specialized in manufacturing a unique high-strength oriented cross-laminated polyethylene and other specialty films used in hundreds of unique applications worldwide. Our high-strength and specialty substrates offer unparalleled performance in demanding packaging, print media, construction and other strength and specialty film applications. Through our proprietary manufacturing process, Valéron®; high-strength films offer the most tear resistant, wire pull-out resistant, puncture and burst resistant product in the marketplace. Valéron®; boasts the highest strength-to-thickness ratio of any competitive synthetic - “Doing More with Less.”

You’ve probably already used a tag, label, or package made with our flagship product, award winning Valéron®; Strength Film. It can be found in electrical cord labels, child-resistant flexible packaging, pool chemical packaging, engineered construction barriers like housewrap, roofing underlayment and much more.

Valéron®; is a proven solution for customers that are looking to make their products stronger, more durable and tear resistant. Valéron®; is the strength of great products.

Valéron®; Strength Films is located in Houston, Texas. From Houston we service the Americas, Asia and Australia. Our sister facility in Essen, Belgium can be found at http://www.valeron.eu and services Europe, Africa and Middle East.

We are one of over 800 business units owned by Illinois Tool Works Inc., www.itw.com, a multinational Fortune 200 company with revenues of over $16 billion. ITW serves the construction, general industrial, automotive, food and beverage, food equipment, industrial capital goods, paper products, consumer durables and electric markets.